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PALAIS IDEAL (NL/UK) create a high-energy, catchy, melodic mix of post-punk and new wave. 


Key influences include ‘classic’ bands such as The Sound and The Sisters of Mercy as well as contemporary groups such as Idles and Actors. 


Palais Ideal are Richard van Kruysdijk (bass, baritone guitar, backing vocals, synths, programming) and John Edwards (vocals, guitars, synths, programming). The duo use vintage guitars, synths and studio equipment to create their authentic 80s-inspired sound. In December 2016, the band appeared out of nowhere with their first track and video “Crossfade / Dissolve”. This was soon followed by a limited edition 10” white vinyl EP on Dark Vinyl Records (GER). The duo gained immediate global attention and signed with booking agencies in The Netherlands, the UK and Germany. They have toured with a wide variety of bands, including Clan of Xymox, Selofan, She Past Away and SYZYGYX. 


2018 saw the release of their first album, also on Dark Vinyl Records. In May 2019, their second album, produced by John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, NIN, Depeche Mode) was released on Cold Transmission Music (GER) to outstanding reviews, establishing the band as a noteworthy ambassador of the new postpunk movement. Palais Ideal continues to tour extensively across several countries, and has developed an outstanding live reputation and dedicated following. 


As musicians and producers, both members have worked on projects for independent and major labels and toured extensively. They have collaborated with members of Wire, Bauhaus, Tuxedomoon, Christian Death, The Legendary Pink Dots, Coil, Clan of Xymox and Swans.

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